CORE VALUEStriving for Sustainable Development: A Brand-New Hsin Tung Yang

Mai, Shen-Yang, President of Hsin Tung Yang Mai, Shen-Yang, President of Hsin Tung Yang
Mai, Shen-Yang, President of Hsin Tung Yang

CORE VALUEStriving for Sustainable Development: A Brand-New Hsin Tung Yang

Not Just An Age-Old Brand, Hsin Tung Yang Represents Our Persistence to Doing the Right Thing! Persisting in "quality at the source," we conduct physical inspections of butcher shops and insist on frying our own lard to ensure the quality of raw materials and to eliminate any food safety risks. By observing the comprehensive animal husbandry management mechanism at Australia, we introduced the "traceability system" to Taiwan. Through long-term development, we have successfully become synonymous with the Chinese food culture throughout the world, and have won the Golden Thumb Awards and Golden Way Awards on numerous occasions. Moreover, we have also been nominated as one of the Top 100 Brands in Taiwan.

Innovation is one of the critical factors in Hsin Tung Yang's sustainable development. We develop foods that follow the LOHAS concept, pay attention to low-carbon vegetarianism and humane eggs, and aspire to promote sustainable health with our consumers via healthy diet. In addition, Hsin Tung Yang also collaborates with foreign businesses so that consumers can enjoy exotic foods and experiences without leaving the country. Concurrently, we also promote unique local cultures so that both domestic and foreign visitors can enjoy products and scenes that are distinctively Taiwanese. In terms of future trends in food technologies, we are closely monitoring developments of revolutionary technologies such as cultured meat and unmanned restaurants in the hopes of reducing impacts from the food industry, as well as to innovate dining experiences that conform to the needs of the new generation.

In response of international sustainable development trends and to strengthen communications with diverse stakeholders, a CSR Team was set up in 2019 to verify and review the performance and results from our implementations over the years. In terms of governance, Hsin Tung Yang was the first food business in Taiwan to enforce both the "traceable agricultural product (TAP)" and "processed food traceability." Our Hakka Restaurant has also been certified with the highest 3-star designation for restaurant traceability. As for environmental and product aspects, Hsin Tung Yang was also the first food business to receive "Green Factory" certification. Our circular economy gift boxes have received "Green Packaging" seal, and in order to ensure customers' health, our channels were also the first to introduce utensils made from bamboo fibers. For the social aspect, we are committed to promoting contractual farming systems for small-scale farmers, and provide channels including farmers' market and charity sales to help the developments of local agricultural industry.

Since the beginning, Hsin Tung Yang has always been committed to the philosophy of sustainable development. We led industry competitors in investing financial and labor costs to build a more sustainable food value chain, and continue to be a market leader in the sustainable development of the food industry through active ESG actions. We aspire for everyone to see a brand-new Hsin Tung Yang!

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